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Information about:

  • Perkins/HealthProfession Loans - information for completion of loan notes
  • Refund Information - information regarding loan disbursement and refund dates
  • National Institute of Health Website - former medical students click here to view information regarding possible loan repayment programs
  • StuInfo - for Perkins, Health Profession, and Long Term institutional loans, the Stuinfo site will allow you to:
    • electronically sign Perkins and Health Profession loans
  • Heartland ECSIfor Perkins, Health Profession, Nursing, and long and short term Institutional loans, Heartland ECSI ( will allow you to:
    • Make on-line payments
    • Update contact information
    • View account balances
    • Obtain loan payoff amounts
    • Sign up for electronic billing
  • NSLDS for Borrowers - view Direct, FFEL & Perkins Loans. This site includes loans granted at all institutions.

Other Important Links:

Adobe Acrobat Forms

Forms below can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat. If you use the Interactive Forms, you MUST have Adobe Acrobat 4.0 version or better. You can obtain Acrobat as a free add in from Adobe's home page

Non-Interactive Adobe Acrobat Forms:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the link for the ECSI payment portal and when do I need to begin making payments on this website?

    Heartland ECSI’s website is On April 3, 2017, Heartland ECSI, a billing service provider for MSU, will begin processing your Federal Perkins, Health Profession, Nursing, and long and short term Institutional Student Loan payments and providing your monthly bills. On that date, all recurring payments previously scheduled with MSU will be cancelled, and you will need to schedule payments going forward on Heartland ECSI’s website.

  2. Whom do I contact for deferments, postponements, and cancellations?

    Please contact the Michigan State University Loans Receivable Department for all questions regarding deferments, postponements, and cancellations at (517) 355-5140.

  3. How can I view my e-signed promissory note?

    If you signed your promissory note electronically, you will be able to view the promissory note through MSU’s StuInfo website, under Financial Aid.

  4. Are 1098E’s tax forms available on the Heartland ECSI web portal?

    No. 1098E’s will be mailed to your address of record.

  5. How do I create and access my account on Heartland ECSI’s website to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments?

    Follow these steps to create and access your account to make payments:

    1. Go to and select Register.
    2. Follow the steps under Register to create a New Profile.

    Select Connect an Account to connect your loan to your profile. You will need your Heartland Key, located on your bill, to complete this step. You can also request your Heartland Key from Heartland ECSI by calling (888) 549-3274.

  6. Where can I mail a payment?

    Payments must be made payable to Michigan State University and should be accompanied by a copy of your bill or coupon. Payments should be mailed to:

    Michigan State University
    c/o Heartland ECSI
    P.O. Box 718
    Wexford, PA 15090

  7. Will recurring payments set up on Heartland ECSI’s website be automatically cancelled when my loan is paid in full?


  8. What are the hours of operation for Heartland ECSI?

    Customer Service Representative is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm EST. You can call ECSI at (888) 549-3274. A live chat is also available on Heartland ECSI’s website ( in the lower right hand corner.

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