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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available for all employees through the Michigan Automated Clearing House Association (MACHA) The University will deposit your paycheck electronically into an account you designate at any financial institution within the U.S.

Your pay will be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account safely and confidentially on pay day. You are provided with a detailed earnings statement accessible on the Employee Self-Service Portal. In addition, your financial institution will provide a monthly statement to let you know your account has been credited.

Enrollment is simple.

Access ESS (Employee Self-Service) at Log in using your MSU NetID and password. Confirm your identity (2-factor authentication process).

Select the ESS tab and then select the Payroll sub-tab. Select the ‘Direct Deposit Information’ heading. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to set up a new direct deposit or to change an existing direct deposit.

For detailed instructions, click on the Direct Deposit How-To Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your payroll cycle, changes to your bank information may not take effect until your next pay date.

If you encounter difficulties with the direct deposit process, please contact the Service Desk via email at or via phone at (517) 432-6200.

If you have questions about direct deposit, please contact the Payroll Office at or via phone at (517-355-5010).

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