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Information Regarding Payroll Deductions

If you have questions or would like to make changes to your payroll deductions, please contact the following offices for assistance:

Union Deductions Telephone #
AFSCME, Local 1585 517-353-5353
IUOE, Local 324 248-451-0324
AFSCME, Local 999 517-351-1772
IATSE, Local 274 517-374-5570
APA (Administrative-Professional Association) 517-999-4004
APSA (Admistrative Professional Supervisors Association) 517-290-2624
CTU (Clerical-Technical Union of MSU) 517-355-1903
Police Unit (Capitol City Labor Program, Inc) 517-882-8600
GEU (Graduate Employees Union) 517-332-2824
UNTF (Union of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty) 517-203-0880

For a complete listing of union addresses, visit

Other Deductions Telephone #
Delinquent Receivables 517-355-3313
HR Solutions Center 517-353-4434 or email:
Loans Receivable 517-355-5140
MSU Community Charitable Campaign 517-355-3340
MSU Federal Credit Union 517-333-2424
Parking (Police and Public Safety) 517-355-8440
Short Term Loans 517-355-3340
University Club 517-353-5350
University Development Fund 517-884-1000

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