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Non-Resident International Tuition, Fee and Tax Rates for
Fall Semester 2022 and Spring Semester 2023

Students are assessed tuition and fees each semester on the basis of their level, class, residency status, and number of credits carried. Tuition is assessed on a per credit-hour basis except for graduate-professional students who are assessed on a semester basis and selected masters program students who are assessed on a semester, annual, or program basis. Units are listed below in footnote 1.

Lifelong Education students are not assessed the International Student Fee and are not assessed Student Taxes. Lifelong Education students in certain programs may be assessed the 25.00 international registration fee. Lifelong Education students in certain online courses may be assessed additional tuition fees of up to 150 per credit hour which are not reflected below.

NOTE: Certain courses may be assessed additional section fees, such as particular kinesiology, animal science, and online courses, that are not reflected in the Tuition, Fees, and Student Voted Taxes tables below. Further information regarding additional section fees can be found in the Class Search

Graduate Students

TUITION (per credit-hour basis) NON-RESIDENT
Masters - Core / Professional 1,654.00
Masters - College of Engineering 1,758.00
Doctoral - Core / Professional 1,654.00
Doctoral - College of Engineering 1,758.00
Graduate Certification 1,078.75
Graduate Lifelong Education 1,078.75
Law - Non Degree 1,555.00
Law - Non Degree (Audit) 777.50

1 Core units: Arts and Letters, Natural Science, Social Science, University Undergraduate Division, Lyman Briggs, James Madison, Residential College in Arts & Humanities, and Communication Arts & Sciences.
Professional and Other units: Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Eli Broad, Education, Music, Engineering, Osteopathic Medicine, and Human Medicine.

Part-Time2 Full-Time
Graduate Student Fee 37.50 75.00
Recreational & Wellness Center 45.00 90.00

Part-Time2 Full-Time
College of Music 150.00 300.00

2 Part-time is 4 credits and below

Education Specialists & Doctoral Programs 1,687.00
M.A. & M.S. in the College of Education 1,687.00
M.S. in Accounting 1,898.00
M.S. in Financial Planning & Wealth Management 975.00
Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.) in Intellectual Property, Information, and Communications Law 950.00
Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.) in the American Legal System 1,350.00
Master of Laws (LL.M.) in American Legal System 1,350.00
Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Law 1,350.00
Master of Legal Studies (LL.M.) 1,350.00

Hybrid Online MS Forestry Plan B 884.00
Hybrid School Psychology EdS Program 1,000.00
Online Accounting Graduate Certificate 817.25
Online Accounting & Data Analytics MS 817.25
Online Civil and Environmental Engineering Masters 995.00
Online Clinical Laboratory Sciences/Biomedical Laboratory Operations Masters 1,078.75
Online Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Certification 889.50
Online Criminal Justice Masters (includes M.S. Law Enforcement Intelligence; M.A. Criminal Justice, Cybercrime and Digital Investigation and Analysis; and M.S. Judicial Administration programs) 808.00
Online Customer Experience Management M.S. 1,067.00
Online Education Masters 933.00
Online Educational Psychology and Educational Technology Hybrid PhD 1,283.25
Online Electrical & Computer Engineering Masters 995.00
Online Family Community Services Masters through Great Plains IDEA 600.00
Online Food Safety Certificate 916.00
Online Food Safety Masters 916.00
Online Foreign Language Teaching Masters 700.00
Online Forest Carbon Science, Policy & Management Certificate 884.00
Online Global Food Law (LL.M., M.J., and DL) 950.00
Online Global Health Masters 937.00
Online Global Health Graduate Certificate 937.00
Online Healthcare Management Masters - Fall 2022 950.00
Online Healthcare Management Masters - Spring 2023 1,000.00
Online Human Resource Management & Development Graduate Certificate 1,130.00
Online Integrative Pharmacology Masters 874.00
Online International Planning Studies Masters (MIPS) 750.00
Online Leadership & Managing Teams Graduate Certificate 1,130.00
Online Management, Strategy and Leadership Masters 1,130.00
Online Managerial Analysis for Decision Making Graduate Certificate 817.25
Online Mechanical Engineering Masters 995.00
Online Nutrition and Dietetics Masters 841.75
Online Nursing M.S.N. and D.N.P./CNS 889.50
Online Packaging Masters 982.00
Online Pharmacology & Toxicology Masters 874.00
Online Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Certificate 874.00
Online Program Evaluation Graduate Certificate 812.00
Online Program Evaluation Masters 812.00
Online Public Health Masters 725.00
Online Public Health Graduate Certificate 725.00
Online Real Estate Development & Construction Graduate Certificate 1,090.00
Online Strategic Management Graduate Certificate 1,130.00
Online Supply Chain Management Masters 1,850.00
Online Taxation Graduate Certificate 817.25
Online Transaction Services Graduate Certificate 817.25
Online Urban Resilient Redevelopment Graduate Certificate 1,090.00
Online Youth Development Graduate Certificate through Great Plains IDEA 600.00
Online Youth Development Masters through Great Plains IDEA 600.00

Teacher Certification Internship Year (based on 12 credits) 18,540.00
Broad MBA 27,278.00
College of Law (Juris Doctorate) 10-17 credits. * 22,800.00
* Per credit of 1,555 for less than 10 credits, or additional 1,555 per credit for any credits over 17
Human Medicine 29,033.00
Human Medicine - Extended Curriculum Program 19,365.00
Human Medicine - Medical Scientist Training Program 20,446.00
Human Medicine (M.D.)/MBA Joint Degree(Begin Year 1 with MBA Course) 30,285.00
Human Medicine (M.D.)/MBA Joint Degree(Students Complete 2 years of M.D. before entering Joint Degree) 31,179.00
Osteopathic Medicine (entering 2020 or later) 21,775.00
Osteopathic Medicine (entering prior to 2020) 29,033.00
Osteopathic Medicine - Extended Medical Curriculum 14,524.00
Osteopathic Medicine - Medical Scientist Training Program 16,363.00
Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)/MBA Joint Degree 25,467.00
Veterinary Medicine (entering 2020 or later) 23,718.00
Veterinary Medicine Clinical Year - Fall & Spring (entering 2020 or later) 21,116.00
Veterinary Medicine Clinical Year - Summer (entering 2020 or later) 14,090.00
Veterinary Medicine (entering prior to 2020) 28,235.00
Veterinary Medicine Clinical Year - Fall & Spring (entering prior to 2020) 25,138.00
Veterinary Medicine Clinical Year - Summer (entering prior to 2020) 16,773.00
Veterinary Medicine - Medical Scientist Training Program 16,366.00

SPECIAL PROGRAM FEES - (applies to entire program) NON-RESIDENT
Executive MBA Program 85,000.00
MS in Business Data Science & Analytics 39,000.00
MS in Data Science 39,000.00
MS in Finance 45,000.00
MS in Marketing Research 37,500.00
D.N.P. Nursing Anesthesia (CRNA) Program - Summer 2019 Cohort 108,978.00
D.N.P. Nursing Anesthesia (CRNA) Program - Summer 2020 + 2021 Cohorts 113,337.00
D.N.P. Nursing Anesthesia (CRNA) Program - Summer 2022 Cohort 116,737.00
D.N.P. Nursing Anesthesia (CRNA) Program - Summer 2023 Cohort 120,239.00
PA Medicine 85,001.00

COGS Tax - all graduate students in degree programs 11.00
COMS Tax - all graduate professional medical students 1.50
FM Radio Tax - all degree students 3.00
State News Tax - all degree students with 6 or more credit hours 7.50

Financial Aid Awards

Those students who have applied and who are eligible for financial assistance should be aware that increases in educational costs have been provided for in their financial aid awards. For further information, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid, by phone, email, in person (Student Services Building, 556 E. Circle Dr Rm 252), or through their web site at

Important Note

The University reserves the right to make changes in the types, structures, and rates for fees, deposits, tuition, and housing.  Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible.

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