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Issuing Travel and Research Cash Advances

The Cash Advance Form (CAF) and an Internal Billing e-doc, will make up the advance request.

Please note that Pre-trip authorization is required for anyone traveling on behalf of Michigan State University regardless of reimbursement source or lack thereof.

Travel and Research Advances are only processed between the hours of 8:15 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.


  1. The advance recipient prepares a Cash Advance Form (CAF) detailing the amount and purpose of the advance.
  2. A department e-doc initiator (the advance recipient, the account Fiscal Officer (FO),etc.) will complete an Internal Billing (IB) e-doc to charge the $15 advance fee expense to a department account string (object code 6489) and record income to account number XT022906, object code 4050.
  3. In the ‘Description’ field of the IB, the initiator is required to enter “Advance - LastName”.
  4. In the ‘Explanation’ field of the IB, the initiator is to include a brief reason for the advance request.
  5. The initiator is required to attach the completed CAF to the IB.
  6. The IB will automatically route for approval to the FO on the account charged (except if the FO is also the initiator). The FO’s approval of the IB approves both: 1) the $15 advance fee; and 2) the cash advance amount noted on the CAF. (Please Note: If the FO is the advance recipient, the IB must be approved by the FO delegate.
  7. The IB initiator will note the unique Document Number (“Doc Nbr”) of the IB (financial system generated) and inform the advance recipient of the number and that the IB has been submitted.
  8. Once the advance recipient has been informed that the IB has been fully approved, the recipient may proceed to Accounting for the advance (with IB Doc Nbr noted and signed photo ID).
  9. The advance recipient must visit the MSU Accounting Office, Administration Building, Room 360, to sign and obtain their promissory note for their cash advance.
  10. The advance recipient will proceed to the Cashier’s Office, Administration Building, Room 110, to cash their promissory note.

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