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Affordable Care Act - Health Fee Information

For questions regarding the fee, please contact hr.ACAHealthFeeInfo@hr.msu.edu or visit the MSU Human Resources ACA Site.

Plan accordingly for January 1, 2015: See FAQ item #9

Impact on time entry process of holiday pay for 1585 and 999 union employees:

As a result of contract updates with the 1585 and 999 unions, computation for overtime pay has been impacted as follows:

    All holiday hours paid will be considered time worked for overtime purposes: Absences either before or after a holiday no longer impact the overtime calculation.

When a 1585 or 999 employee:

    Does not work on a holiday,enter attendance code 2280-Holiday No Work for employee to receive holiday pay.
    Does work on a holiday, enter only regular working attendance codes, such as 2000-Regular Hourly.

Since it no longer applies, attendance code 2281-Holiday No Work or OT is no longer available for these employee groups.

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Cost Redistribution

  • Visit the EBS Portal on the Unit Admin Tab, under Administrative Services, Time Management and Payroll Services > Funding Changes > Cost Redistribution

Labor Distribution Report

  • Visit the EBS Portal on the Business Intelligence Tab, Under Business Intelligence - Public Folders > HR-Payroll Folder > University HR-Payroll Reports > PY-Payroll > Labor Distribution and Payroll Encumbrances

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