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The W2 Reprint functionality for 2014 forms is now available on-line via ESS (Employee Self-Service).

After an extended absence, the ability to reprint the 2014 W2 form can be handled directly by the employee on-line using ESS at

    • Click the EBS Login button at the top of the screen.
    • Log in using your MSU NetID and password.
    • Select the ESS tab and then select the Payroll sub-tab.
    • Select the ‘W-2 Reprint’ heading.

Important Information

Electronic Forms

Information About

Cost Redistribution

  • Visit the EBS Portal on the Unit Admin Tab, under Administrative Services, Time Management and Payroll Services > Funding Changes > Cost Redistribution

Labor Distribution Report

  • Visit the EBS Portal on the Business Intelligence Tab, Under Business Intelligence - Public Folders > HR-Payroll Folder > University HR-Payroll Reports > PY-Payroll > Labor Distribution and Payroll Encumbrances

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