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Any form that is marked SECURED, will require two-factor authentication and is only available to MSU employees. If you have not registered your credentials, go to Two-Factor Authentication.

When clicking on any link within the URL column, you will redirected to a website outside the Office of the Controller.


Form Description PDF DOC XLS URL
Additional Payments Form (AdditionalPaymentForm) - SECURED PDF
City (CW4) Withholding Certificate with Instructions (ex55c) - SECURED PDF
City Cancellation of Income Tax Withholding (ex55k) - SECURED PDF
Employee Moving Expense Form (ex53a) - SECURED PDF
Federal (W4) Withholding Allowance Certificate with Instructions ( PDF
Michigan (MI-W4) Withholding Allowance Certificate with Instructions ( PDF
Off-Cycle Disbursement Request Form and Instructions (OffCycleDisbursementRequest) - SECURED PDF
Payroll Employee Lost Check Form (PayrollLostCheck) PDF
Special Payment Authorization Form (SpecialPaymentForm) - SECURED PDF
Special Payment Authorization Instructions (SpecialPaymentFormInst) - SECURED PDF
Time Record for Additional Hours to be Paid by Non-Primary Department (TimeRecordHourlyNonPrimaryDept) - SECURED PDF
W2 Duplicate Request Form (PAY3) PDF

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